who we are

Two Smoking Barrels is a service company 

Offering high-quality studio resources
& graphics expertise to global brands.
Day to day we help medium to large
design agencies fulfil their production
requirement when they are short of
capacity or need to free up staff for
other roles. We step in & carry out
all their production obligations.

So what is our service & why use us?

Many design agencies these days are finding it tough to make a profit in this economic climate, particularly the small to medium companies. Historically design is one of the first things to get cut when clients tighten their belts & generally one of the last things to start to pick up again when economies turn around.

If you are a design agency what we offer you is a way to help manage your budgets in studio production terms. Instead of hiring a large number of senior staff to carry out your production requirements full time in-house, we are here for you on a project by project basis, meaning you have a dedicated resource you can trust
& rely on that only costs you money for the time allocated for the completion of a piece of work. In other words, you are not paying for long periods of Low Productivity, Holidays, Sick leave, Maternity/Paternity leave, Tax or National Insurance, you simply pay for the time needed to produce your job which in turn you pass on to your client, effectively costing you nothing & we look after all the other stuff for ourselves.

We offer a hassle-free, professional service with a 16+ year proven track record which is cost-effective, competitive & friendly. We also have very little in way of overheads to consider therefore that cost saving is passed onto our clients. 

Since 2004 we have been working alongside many of the biggest global branding & design agencies, together we have been producing some of the very best projects & even some award winners along the way. Our aim is, as it has always been, to make sure that what you or your client has asked for in design terms, is achieved right through to its final application. Whether that be in print or digital formats, we strive to offer you the best
service possible.

We specialise in everything production. We can handle your traditional & digital artworking requirements, as well
as your presentation needs, retouching & visualisation, animated logos plus movie teasers & large format work. Although we focus on print & corporate identity offering everything from logo libraries, brand guidelines to colour testing & toolkits, our proven track record has seen us excel in all aspects of studio activity, including as we have said presentation work, visualisation, retouching & creative artwork. Our clients will agree there is not much we cannot handle & we always go above & beyond the brief to make sure the best results are obtained on time on budget & on-brand.

Animations & teasers | Artwork for print | Brand guidelines | Colour testing | Digital artwork | High-end retouching | Kit of parts | Large format | Litho print | Logo libraries | Packaging artwork | Powerpoint presentations | Visualisation | Exhibition Artwork | Brand Guardianship | Graphic Design | Branding

There's not much in terms of production that we do not do, & do to the highest level putting most 'freelancers' on the circuit to shame. If you have not tried our service before take a look at the testimonials to see exactly what the industry think of us & what we do.

If you are in need of a little extra help in achieving your creative goals,
need some advice or simply need to offload a project you have no
internal resource for then get in contact today.