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Our experience

is wide & extensive,
we consider ourselves
experts in what we do.

With Two Smoking Barrels you can be assured that your project is in safe hands. When we get on board with one of your projects we consider ourselves part of your team for the duration of that project. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients as an asset you can call on as & when you require our services. 

Not only will you be working with experts, you will also have access to a knowledge pool of information if you so need it. We have been working in this industry for many years & generally know a few workarounds or various options to overcome a production issue.

Jason was laughably put down many years ago when he first started out in his career he was told you are 'A Jack of all trades & Master of none" Today he laughs at this backward way of thinking, retorting often that "A Jack of all trades & Master of none?..... if you can't do more then one thing your no good to anyone!" His ethos is, get really good at everything you do & don't let others low expectations & work ethic limit your own.

That said, Jason is also a great believer in giving the job to the right expert.

"You can't do everything all of the time, I would never take on a large typesetting job with pages on pages of copy to be formatted & flown into a document. I can do it don't get me wrong, but why would you pay an artworker to do a job a typesetter would do in a third of the time because that's what they do all day long every day. It makes no business sense."

"Equally, you would never give a typesetter the task of creating a brand guideline & expect them to do a decent job on the graphical elements or have any idea of how to read & write a guideline. Would you allow your photographer to retouch your imagery?. They may think they are capable & attempt to talk you into allowing him/her to carry out the retouching, but trust me, from experience I have never come across a single photographer that can retouch to artwork standards & every time I come across a retouched image done by the photographer or his/her assistant I have to redo it from scratch......
Every time!".

"I think you have to know who is capable & who has a track record of creating the best services money can buy plus who share in your passion for creativity & excellence. That's what we do at Two Smoking Barrels, we aim to give you a service second to non.

If you are in need of a little extra help in achieving your creative goals,
need some advice or simply need to offload a project you have no
internal resource for then get in contact today.