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Sally Collins Hairdressing


Sally Collins is a startup hairdressing salon. Previously working out of a spare room and mobile hairdressing,
Sally decided to stepup her game and brand herself before getting her first Salon. Sally had a homemade logo which we quickly got rid of and gave her something a little more glamorous by creating this simple logo marque.

We used a script font to represent hair (very loosely) for the main part of the logo and a slab serif font for impactful messaging. Her brand needed to be modern yet simple and clear. 

We showed Sally how her new marque would look on her beloved mini cooper and how with a little subtle advertising on the side of it, could allow her to have a presence without ruining the look of her car. We also showed her how, by having the logo on t-shirts, she could have a simple uniform for her and any staff she employed at the new salon, at reasonable costs. 

To keep Sally’s options open, We made sure that her logo could be used in a few differing colour routes.
Those colours could also be used as accent colours on any graphic and indeed, could offer her scope going forward, to colour code her own range of hair products or services. The differing colours could also be used in seasonal promotions, mens / women’s etc.

Once again all the Branding and Design was handled under the Trillium Banner and all artworks and deliverables were implemented by ourselves.

If you require our design and branding services then please visit or sister company
Trillium Brands for more info or simply just ask us and we will be happy to help.

Sally Collins

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