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Are you sick of so-called freelance professionals letting you down? or are you finding your clients complaining about the low standards of production staff?. Maybe your clients are crying out for an offsite service who can handle their every studio requirement?. Or is it you need an all-around production resource from PowerPoint to retouching to visualisation to artwork & more?. It could simply be that your client is about to undertake a big brief but does not want long-term expenditure that
full-time staff incur!.

We use a number of agents already, but we are always on the lookout for new talented recruitment people who are
desperate to hook us up with the right briefs & introduce us to interesting & award-winning companies. 

So what do you do in order to become one of our agents?. Well, it's really easy actually, you pick up the phone & give us a call. We will be happy to discuss with you our rates, our preferred areas of coverage, how we like to work, our skills & experience
& who we want to work for. Alternatively, email us using one of the links at the footer of the site or even text us.

We are happy to come to your offices to have a chinwag but what we do not do these days is sit down & partake in skill tests, why? because we were doing this before Macs were on every desktop in a studio, because we used to test Adobe's packages as their power user feedback group whilst at FutureBrand & we have been around the block a number of times & its time for our experience to do the talking rather than waste precious time proving what we know or do not know. The portfolio & time in the industry speaks for itself not to mention the testimonials which you can read here from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Whatever the reason your client is looking for a service such as ours get in contact today to discuss partnering with us, to bring the creative industry the service it deserves with the flexibility & reliability using a service such as ours brings.

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