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Two Smoking Barrels Ltd specialise in creating wonderful powerpoint presentations & animation teasers.
If you want to wow your clients with beautiful presentations then we are the people to call.



We are utilised often buy our agents as go to people for powerpoint presentation creation & have been honoured with the suggestion many times that our work has directly lead to the winning of new business pitches for our clients over the years. 

We do not generally do the run of the mill powerpoint presentations, we like to make our slides look bespoke & designed rather than just bog standard same old same old powerpoint. That said some clients want that & if the client wants that style of presentation then that's what they get. But we try to push the boundaries of how things are done by creating our slides in external graphics programs & bringing them back into powerpoint where we keep the text live for alteration by the consultants, in the cab, on route to the meeting, as is often the case.

Many studios still do not touch powerpoint & most creatives hate it as a piece of software. Truth be known we do not like it much either but unfortunately, we are pretty good at it, so we persevere.

After Effects

We have created a number of animations & movie teasers over the years & we use After Effects for this. Unum is one of our main clients who used us for this service & we created two sets of movies for them for an internal relaunch of their brand externally. They were only a B2B business & wanted a presentation introducing their plan to their staff for going public with their services. The movie we created for them was made up of many images that were manipulated to look like they were moving and interjected with text sections and music. 

We also like to animate logos that we create so clients can see how we can bring their brand to life for TV
ads or online.

If you are in need of a little extra help in achieving your creative goals,
need some advice or simply need to offload a project you have no
internal resource for then get in contact today. 

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