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Logo naming & design.

We were asked by the client to come up with a logo for their mobile hairdressing business. Hayley had worked for various well know hairdressing companies including RUSH in the past & had decided to concentrate her efforts on running her own mobile hairdressing business going forward. 

Initially, she had an idea of calling the company 'Woo did your hair" a play on words of Who did your hair? & Woo being a nickname she was given growing up due to her maiden name being Woosnam. However, we felt that was a bit long-winded & a little oriental sounding, totally not Hayley, so we discussed a few other options for names using the "Woo did your hair" as more of a marketing tool.

We looked at name options such as 'WOODOO' 'HAIRWOO' 'CURLEY SUE' 'WHO? WOO!' & 'WOO DID YA DOO'... at this stage the client was unsure of what direction to take so we created a number of logo's using these names & presented them in a number of colour options. Finally, the client settled on 'HairWoo' & we proceeded with further colour exploration & design.

The design the client chose as with many designs was not the one we thought they would go for. The chosen option has a very 'Sex Pistols' feel or 'Never mind the Buzzcocks" as I was calling it during our discussions. The client felt this suited her personality more than some of the other routes & this is why she chose it.

Once final go-ahead was given, we supplied the client with a logo library consisting of all litho & digital variations of both square & landscape options of the marque, (including built-in clearspace). We delivered RGB, CMYK, PMS Spots. A file was also generated that essentially named & numbered all logo variants & their usage as a pdf acting as the guide for suppliers. All individual files in eps & png formats as appropriate depending on the usage were delivered to the client in all colour variations as per the design.

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Logo design

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