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Jaguar Land Rover

New Horizons Presentation.

Imagination were pitching some ideas to JLR for a really big Autoshow and we were asked to artwork the pitch proposal into a book. There were various elements that needed to be pulled together, retouched, colour corrected and generally made artwork ready before we could even begin to position them all together
into one piece.

This has been just one project of many over the years we have created so many pieces of work for Jaguar Land Rover on behalf of Imagination that we simply can not show all of them, however, if you would like to see some other examples there are a few more in our downloadable portfolio, for instance, we created all the graphics for the Formula E stand including wall, floor, furniture, sundries, merchandise and print. We created a huge graphic for the launch of a new range of vehicles.  

Most of the work we carry out for this client tend to be large format graphics, to be applied in situ at auto shows. The artwork can either be of a canvass nature, backlight generally or of a vinyl construct. Either medium we are more than happy working with in terms of artworking. We retouch almost every image used, firstly to make sure
it is of the utmost quality and secondly, they need resizing for large format.

If you are in need of a little extra help in achieving your creative goals,
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