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The Pompomery

Design development.

We were asked by The Pompomery to come up with some design routes for their brand. The company supply pompoms to the curtain trade & wanted a design that made them stand out from their competitors. We were tasked with creating a number of colourful sophisticated routes of which one was eventually chosen & now is slowly starting its implementation journey.

Initial ideas totalled 11 variations which we whittled down to two main contenders fairly early on once we had shared our first stages with the client. There were 5 colour pallets in the first phase that quickly became one.

Phase two of the development was to adjust the two concepts to fit within the preferred colour route & adjust
the name to include the word 'The' as we had dropped it in our design stages initially as it was thought to be too long visually.

We implemented an array of possible applications for the brand marque usage & supplied the client with a logo library consisting of all save format variations i.e. eps, png, tiff, jpeg and ai files of the Logo & all colourways for both print & digital usage (CMYK & RGB). We also made sure that within the design files a clear colour breakdown of PMS Spot colours was converted to its nearest mix standard including HEX, RGB, CMYK breakdowns so that the client could pass those details onto their suppliers going forward as no brand guidelines were sought after.
We do this so that a consistent brand can be easily achieved.

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The Pompomery

Negative Logo

Marque only version