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Make The Future
Festival at Stratford's
Queen Elizabeth Park.

Imagination being one of our main clients asked us to produce artworks for the Make The Future Festival at Stratford's QE Park for their client Shell.Producing artworks for the previous year at the first event we knew timings would be tight & therefore we discussed early on that dependent on turnaround & client sign off we may need additional resources to be pulled in.

We initially set up the artwork masters & workflow, liaising with the design lead & producer & supplier alike we managed that workflow until the end of the second week single-handedly. We had made sure that we had put in place an easy to follow system that would allow any level of resource to follow accurately. Week three we indeed pulled in two more freelancers which were under our supervisory role ensuring that the files were to the high standard of the original masters already created in week one & two.

The job went smoothly & the final outcome was impressive.

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