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We offer a comprehensive & competitive service in image manipulation for both low-resolution visuals for use in your presentations right through to high-end retouching & photo compositing for all your artwork imagery needs. 


Much of our visualisation work is used in design pitches to help a client see how their design will look on their deliverables, for instance, you may wish to show the client how their brand new logo will look on their staff uniform, letterheading or side of their vans. This is simple stuff generally & we do it all the time for clients. Other visuals we carry out are more complex, they might consist of an idea that does not exist in the real world as yet & therefore needs to be created so as to get the idea across to a potential investor or shareholder. 


We are capable of retouching most images to a high standard as long as the original is of an equally high standard to start with. We can add & take items out of images so that you would never know we had done it. We can stretch backgrounds to fit a certain proportion in a design, for instance, you need more sky or you need a wall extending to the right... we can do that!. We can change the colour of a garment on a person, we can slim a person down or add a few pounds. Often we are asked to clean up images that photographers have apparently 'retouched' themselves. There is not much that we can not do to an image with the exception of making the quality crisp if it was photographed blurry in the first place.


What is compositing you might ask?. Well, it's simply compiling together elements from multiple images into one image seamlessly. A perfect example is the Lloyds TSB work that we were responcible for. We were hired for 2 years roughly by Allen International who were not capable of this particular skillset themselves. They called us in to create all the welcome walls & meeting rooms for every branch in the country. The artworks were produced at a qtr size 200dpi & consisted of around 5-7 images making up the background & the foreground layers with additional CGI buildings in the mid layers all blended into one image per artwork. (see here). You will find it difficult to see where one image starts and another begins.

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