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Saudi Aramco

The World's energy source.

From National oil producer to World's energy source. Saudi Aramco was one of Jason's first projects to be worked on when he joined FutureBrand. He was given the task of visualising 3 routes that the design team had come up with, one being the final design direction you see here. Petrol stations, hard hats, aircraft livery, stationery, printed literature, oil refineries cars & uniforms were all visualised not to mention powerpoint templates etc.

Jason also created once the design stage had been completed all the artworks & brand assets to be supplied to the client & its relevant suppliers in Saudi.

The usual testing & guideline preparation work was undertaken by Jason, by way of numerous wetproof sheets being created, testing of colours, readability of fonts & icons, size & all variables  for all graphical aspects of the brand necessary to achieve a concise & consistent brand globally.

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Saudi Aramco

Aircraft tailfin

Private company jet graphics