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Qatar Museums Authority (QMA) 

Brand guideline development.

Wolff Olins asked us to work on the Brand Guidelines for Qatar Museums. We were involved in the creation of many of the Visual elements in the guideline, as well as creating the logo library, again testing the logo for size, colour, specials, minimum sizes etc & writing rules around the findings of our tests & entering those into the guidelines. We created the kit of parts, that was to be supplied to the client, containing all the assets required to create artworks going forward.

The usual scenario for guidelines ensued by way of pinning every page to every available wall space in the studio to thrash out the content & story for the guideline. Many alterations were made as we went along finding issues that needed addressing & elements that needed creating. 

The final piece of the puzzle was to make the pdf interactive so that the client was able to navigate the document easily, being able to click on a particular area of interest & have the page linked to that spot from the content area to the page itself is obviously quite handy & indeed a necessity.

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Re-branding Qatar

Brand guidelines

QMA rebranding a country, brand guideline creation along with all graphic assets