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This service is a specialised service, not every artwork studio is able to undertake. Over the years we have been involved in many brand guideline creations through working closely with some of the biggest brand agencies in the world, Wolff Olins, Brand Union, FutureBrand, Interbrand etc. (see our client list).

By working alongside some of these industry leaders we have gained a reputation for being one of the go-to companies that can implement guideline documents & their content from the get-go. We seamlessly integrate the design concepts & brand guideline documentation with the writing of the rules contained within to the colour & size tests which you will see is another of our specialist services & absolutely priceless in determining certain aspects of the guideline creation. All elements come together & where issues arise with rules, as they inevitably do, we offer solutions to the design team in order to rectify them early on & implement those into the guideline.

We have worked on many guidelines in the past from small interim examples that were digitally based to huge full brand guidelines that were multi-sectioned spectacularly printed works of art in themselves.

British Airways had a huge overhaul many years ago & we were key in implementing that huge piece of work whilst in the employ of FutureBrand. More recently we have been involved with Wolff Olins creating the guidelines for both Virgin Media & QMA respectively. 

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