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Metadas Media


Metadas Media asked (Trillium Brands, our sister company) to re-brand them. They had a tired old logo and a very old-fashioned website in terms of how it looked and felt. The brief was that they wanted to keep the double ‘m’ somehow and Trillium did so by placing an ‘m’ inside an ‘m’. This maze-like design fits well with the clients thinking
as the web is a bit of a maze that they help their clients navigate. 

Metadas Media as a company is very aware of colour compliance and anything to do with accessibility for disabled people using the internet. They have been championing this for some time now, and one of the things that we had to make sure was absolutely right, was the colour compliance.

We went about creating and testing a colour palette that was adaptable in its secondary colours, yet completely compliant in its core set. We handled all the assets and artworks to be supplied to the client, while Trillium Brands dealt with the design and branding aspects of the project at the outset, handing over to us at the artwork stage to button up the output. 

If you require our design and branding services then please visit or sister company
Trillium Brands for more info or simply just ask us and we will be happy to help.

Metadas Media


What it could look like