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Our design & branding service is an additional service we offer to our smaller clients who do not have the budget to obtain these services from one of the larger more well known established branding companies.

We offer the same level of expertise minus some specialist activities obviously but for the most part, our clients do not need a full service that the larger agencies push & where additional skills are required, we have a pool of professionals we call upon for certain aspects of our branding service from copywriters to brand strategists, illustrators to movie makers. But all the design & artworking is done here in house saving you huge costs.

We started out this service way back when Jason set up his first company 'A Bolt From The Blue' when he was in between full-time employment. Jason managed to aquire Waltham Forest Council as one of his main clients back then & was responsible for many campaigns seen around the borough. The fledgeling company also obtained regular clients who not only had design work undertaken but took advantage of the print services Jason offered at that time.

This company lasted around 4yrs before Jason had to close it down in order to concentrate on full-time employment. He went on to run the studio in a medium sized printing company & then onto becoming production manager at FutureBrand before the birth of 'TwoSmokingBarrels' finally emerged. Even so, the design & branding aspect of the business was kept separate from the production aspect & was under the banner of Trillium Brands until very recently. Now all the services are under one brand.

The advantages of using TwoSmokingBarrels are that we do everything from the design concept right the way through to application. We have the skill sets that cover a large array of key touchpoints in the industry from litho expertise, large format vinyl graphics, visualisation, retouching, packaging & cutter guides you name it we know how to get it done. So when you ask us to design something for you, you can guarantee we not only are able to be creative in our approach to your brief but we also actually know how to get it done. 

Many smaller agencies talk the talk but are unable to walk the walk, many companies larger than us also chat themselves up, but we actually have experience of working with some of the World's largest companies & have been for decades. Bigger agencies will, of course, have worked for these types of companies too, but guess what, they hire people like us to work on such projects more often than not. 

If your budget does not allow for the kudos of a big brand named agency give us a try, at least you know we have worked for those big brand agencies on jobs such as yours & can offer you value for money with the same level of expertise & creativity.

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