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Imagination had us come in, to work with their Ford client. They were in the process of creating their stand at one of the motor shows & imagery as always needed resizing to fit the graphics that the design team had specified. Needless to say, my role was one of resize, boost, retouch out blemishes & finally add content to shots to make the correct crop. This generally involved adding tarmac or sky or scenery to the top, bottom left or right sides dependant on the image.

Usually, I would add a small amount of noise after boosting the clarity of the image & resizing it to the correct dimensions so that all images in the set were consistent overall.

We have retouched many vehicles over the years for this client including many new models, whilst most of the car imagery is of a really high standard to start with we do like to give the images a thorough looking over as often things get missed or resizing can offer new challenges to standards.

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The Iconic

Ford Mustang

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