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Colour & asset

Testing service.

So what is our colour & asset testing service?. Well, we are old school we come from a printing background & due to that we, have extensive knowledge of how print works. We are also experts in building brand guidelines, now you might think ok well what's one got to do with the other as a service, but they have quite a lot to do with each other actually. 

Our testing service is designed to help you be completely confident that you have done everything humanly possible to make your brand consistent across many media & geographical regions. That you have ticked all the boxes & know that what you are going to get in terms of the final product will have been rigorously tested & no unforeseen problems should arise.

Our tests are detailed, accurate & well thought out. We use them to answer basic rules that need applying to brand guidelines as we are writing them. We test logo sizes & font weights, line rules & gradients images & colour combinations of all of the aforementioned on various paper stocks & weights. Often it is deemed from these tests that maybe another logo version is required for certain sizes & one has to be added to the asset list & created. Sometimes we find that some things will not work in practice & therefore an amendment to the guideline rules has to be added. 

Sometimes our tests are used to solve a printing problem, for instance, T.M. Lewin had us create their carrier bag range. Initially the job was created using a CMYK cityscape image, however, their printer in Asia wanted to print the job in two spot colours & could not manage to do it themselves. We were tasked with firstly making the CMYK into a DCS file with two spot colours & secondly we had to do a number of tests to get the colours to replicate the CMYK version as close as possible. We achieved the final result after a couple of tests possibly saving the company thousands in mistakes & re-runs.

We also test the colour combinations when a brand has been designed. For instance, with Virgin Media, as we were writing the guidelines we were actually still tinkering with colour combinations. We created a series of tests with all the primary & secondary colours. From this test, we could see at a glance which colours should never be seen together & which ones should. A compliance test was carried out also for digital usage & all the rules around colour could be added to the guideline.

Testing is for a large brand roll out not a luxury but an absolute necessity.

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