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When we first left FutureBrand & set up Two Smoking Barrels we were called upon to help the team over
at Next to implement pages of the Directory. Our role was varied as once we were there they found we could help them with various other aspects of the business in terms of graphic production. 

One of our tasks was to cut out the images for the spreads roughly to allow the designer to position them on
the page. This was done in Quark believe it or not against my better judgement & advice, however as they paid
a repro house after the event to recut the images out again on final artwork I did not argue. 

Much of the page layout was simple, a set of master pages was set up consisting of various layout options
& we simply chose the most appropriate one dropping in images & the correct text & then passing it onto
the designer to rejig as he thought best.

Other more interesting aspects of work we were involved with at Next. We produced numerous designs for the front covers & internal advertising magazine spreads. Above carcasses, bags & even shoe boxes. We along with their senior designer Paul Tickle were instrumental in bringing about the logo change from the upper case times new roman based word marque to the lower case version you see today. 

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