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Microsoft Enterprise UK
Literature and Box.

We were commissioned by VML London, to create designs for Microsoft Enterprise UK, who help businesses,
utilise technology to help boost productivity and drive innovation in the digital space. Our brief was to create
a design and artwork firstly, for a small leaflet that featured heavily on the then new ‘Metro Style’ content areas
and obviously follow brand guidelines related to this.

The second part of the brief was to create a box which was to house a business card holder with promotional business cards inside, as well as an integral leaflet attached to the box itself. We spent a few days working
out the best way to produce and artwork the box design before carrying out the actual graphic design work.
We produced the cutter guides for the printers along with a technical spec for all materials to be used and
ink/print finishes. We ended up with a premium box using 4 colour process internally and silver ink with foil
elements on the outer finished with a matt laminate varnish to give it a more tactile feel.

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Microsoft Enterprise marketing piece

Packaging and literature design and artworks