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PowerPoint template deck.

Biznography approached us to revolutionize their presentation game. Their previous templates were drowning in consultant jargon, lacked visual flair, and were just plain dull. We were tasked with creating a dynamic PowerPoint template that not only looked captivating but also embraced white space, despite the inevitable data-heavy content.

Guided by the slim brand guidelines and asset deck from their previous designer, we sifted through the elements that worked and seamlessly incorporated them into a presentation style that echoed their brand identity. Adding sleek animations and transitions, we kicked it up a notch by animating their logo upfront and throwing in a snazzy waiting animation for those pre-meeting moments.

The result? A meticulously crafted template with multiple masters, covering every conceivable color scheme and layout.

Not stopping at the template file; we delivered a bundle of assets and a populated presentation, giving Biznography the ultimate toolkit for their future presentations. But we didn't just meet expectations; we set the stage for their presentations to shine going forward.

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Simple animations

and transitions 

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