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Tresor Paris

Battle Bus Project.

We were asked by the owner, Maurice to come in & help them to combat a problem that they were experiencing with cheap imitations of their product. The idea was to revamp a bus that they had purchased previously by way of vinyl wraps, to get the message across that Tresor was the original & best. 

We initially had a look at three routes taking note of the clientele that they seemed to be attracting to their product & how they were marketing themselves. The findings were interesting, they mainly seemed to be popular with reality stars & MOBO stars, including the groupies associated with them, bling being the main driver behind the brand at this particular stage & therefore not necessarilly conducive to their higher tier product, fundamentally this we felt was partly responcible for creating the void for the low-cost imitations to flourish in.

We also noted that the brand itself was not looking like a credible brand & looked more like a cheap imitation than the imitations themselves. The logo was hand drawn & not symmetrical. It was different on different products & was used at different sizes that had no relation in scale to whatever they were positioned on. Completely inconsistent across the board.

We recommend the logo be re-drawn & showed them how we would go about it by dropping the size of the Paris word & losing the dot over the i. Plus we made the heart feel precision drawn not hand-scrawled.

We came up with three routes for the bus. All routes used trendy looking women & all showed the product being worn. Our preferred route aiming at a more affluent market, still trendy yet a little older and sophisticated to represent the price tag of the product more relevantly.

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