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Jaguar Landrover

(JLR) High-end

Imagination one of the biggest independent design companies in the UK, who specialize in trade show graphics primarily, asked us once again to handle the retouching on some Jaguar Landrover (JLR) imagery that was to be used in some printed material as well as some large format graphics.

We took the original image that was shot on a pretty overcast day & initially boosted all the levels & contrast to get a cleaner fresher looking image. Then we went about retouching the image as the road was littered with cigarette ends & chewing gum & manhole covers not to mention rubbish in the gutter & potholes the size of elephants. footprint strewed around. 

Once the tidy up was complete on the street we looked at the buildings which were looking a little tatty in places. We did not want to overwork the file as it would then become unreal, instead, we left some elements in place just to give it an air of authenticity.

Later in the year, we were called back to work on the Geneva Motor show stands for Formula E, again with Imaginations JLR client. This time the brief was to take one . of the design teams rough visuals & apply the graphics effects to the high-resolution imagery. Ensuring colours matched the proposed turquoise which came directly from the brand guidelines. This final piece of imagery was used along with some vinyl elements to create & brand experience on site with VR race cars & a stunning display of the electric vehicle itself.

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