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A new service of ours is brand guardianship. Over the years we have built brand guidelines from scratch we have created brands, brand assets & every brand deliverable know to mankind & along the way we have witnessed many poor examples of work carried out by third-party suppliers on behalf of a brand. 

Many of these suppliers pay no attention to guidelines & do what they like in terms of creating content for a big brand. Unfortunately, this happens far too often & unchecked leads to companies having to reassess their whole brand as none of their applications look at all consistent across their brand or even on brand in many cases. 

This is where we come in for a reasonable retainer per year or a project by project basis we will look at work carried out by your suppliers & identify whether they are utilising the brand guidelines, following those guidelines or completely ignoring all rules set out by the design team when creating the brand in the first place.

What we want to do is help you keep your or your clients brand on track by being your quality control resource. After all, a huge amount has been spent on branding a company & the last thing you want is your suppliers watering down that brand & wasting all that effort in getting a consistent look & feel out in the public domain. How a brand is perceived is very important and most big branding agencies do not get involved in the day to day graphic requirements after the initial designs have been issued.

If we are not doing the artwork ourselves then we would like to oversee the quality control of it by taking it off of your hands and making sure the suppliers are keeping on brand by way of checking every element against the brand guidelines.

If you are interested in this service we would be happy to discuss it with you at length.

If you are in need of a little extra help in achieving your creative goals,
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