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Wall's icecream.

Jason was tasked with the creation of the 'Wall's swirl' that you see on every refrigerator in every sweetshop around the World. FutureBrand was commissioned by Unilever to rebrand its Wall's brand, bringing it up to date
& to create a whole brand experience around ice cream. Not only that but to stretch the brand into other more adult areas making it trendy & cool in the process.

Jason painstakingly created various sizes of the swirl artwork as well as artworking the word marque.
He created various visuals for the client to see the designs in application & supplied all assets in RBG,
CMYK & specials / Pantone spots once the designs were finalized.

Solero, Magnum & Carté Dor were all considered in the design process by the team & therefore
required visualization & production time which is where Jason stepped up. FutureBrand's artworking
production team at that time consisted of 2 people the majority of the time, so as you can imagine
most work ended up in Jasons capable hands.

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Wall's Icecream

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