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Powerpoint Templates.

McCabe Brands asked us to create a powerpoint template for their client Glamour. We were tasked with creating two versions of this template which needed to be dynamic in their look & feel as well as following the Glamour brand guidelines. We achieved this by the simple use of transitions & subtle usage of animation consistently throughout.

We also created assets where needed to match the look feel, specifically for the use in powerpoint, in other words, any assets that needed to be used on any background within powerpoint we created at the correct size as png's to achieve this.

Two variants of the template were made in order to allow a generic font usage & a bespoke font usage version to be on offer to the client, saving issues with production at a later date.

From these two templates, a presentation was created with master pages populated with dummy text & content to show the end user how the documents work & allowing particular pages to hold assets for copy & paste in their own works.

Every effort was made in order to allow the end users differing levels of programme knowledge the ability to populate/create their own powerpoint masterpiece from the templates supplied by ourselves. In some cases, we gave a number of options to create aspects in different ways & also gave various colour versions within the master deck to allow for some creativity within the guidelines.

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