Insights   |  Do's and Dont's

What you should
& shouldn't be doing!

As a client there are
things you should be
doing to help the process
along & things you really
should not be doing.

Jason gives a few pointers to what you should & shouldn't be doing...

As a client, there are a number of things you should, & should not be doing.
Firstly lets run through a few things you should be doing as a rule of thumb.


• Know exactly what it is you wish to achieve before briefing your supplier.
• Give a clear, preferably written brief to your supplier.
• Have fixed deadlines worked out.
• Supply of all proofread copy to be used.
• Purchase all required image licences & images at the highest resolution necessary for the job.
• Supply any translations of signed off proofread text.
• Inform your artwork supplier of the full specifications of the work that you wish produced.
• Have signed off, agreed budget for the work to be undertaken.
• Signed all legal documentation & contracts relevant to the job with your supplier.
• Give your supplier a purchase order number reference for the job.
• Give your supplier all necessary contact details relevant to he/she to undertake their work effectively.
• Pay your supplier within the agreed payment parameters.
• Communicate with your supplier & stay in regular contact even when no projects are live.
• Trust in your supplier's expertise & use their knowledge to better educate your own knowledge.
• Always be positive it rubs off on everyone even when things are tough.
• Use software to keep track of your schedule. (Microsoft excel will suffice in most cases).


• Do not cut the deadline once work has been started unless you have run it past your supplier.
• Do not make assumptions. Assumptions often end in tears, ask the relevant question.
• Do not ignore complications & issues. It is always best to deal with issues early on to avoid delays.
• Do not always say yes to your client. Sometimes clients ask the impossible its ok to push back.
• Do not forget we are here to help. We are available to give advice whenever it's required.
• Do not be afraid to ask questions. We don't bite, we would rather you ask a silly question than not ask at all.

I am sure I could think of a million other do's & don'ts that would be relevant but the bottom line is this.
If you communicate with your supplier & stay focussed on being clear, concise, honest & authentic, plus you
use lashings of common sense then everything should run smoothly. There are always unforeseen issues with
any project, whether it be due to production methods or design ideas or client changes, no matter what they
are a cool calm head & plenty of communication will see it through.


If you are in need of a little extra help in achieving your creative goals,
need some advice or simply need to offload a project you have no
internal resource for then get in contact today.